The front cover provided by the 2003 adaption of Pride and Prejudice is straightforward. Pictured on the front, there is Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. In the background there is a slight glimpse of what is assumed to be Pemberley Estate among the countryside. Lizzy’s face is particularly unimpressed, as she is looking away from Mr. Darcy and has a slight frown as well as furred eyebrows. Mr. Darcy stands behind Lizzy, gazing down upon her, with one eyebrow raised in a quizzical fashion. They are both well dressed and presentable, yet give off a slight essence of frustration within their relationship. Upon first impression, this cover page indicates direct tension between Lizzy and Darcy. It can be assumed that the two characters are involved in a relationship, yet not necessarily a pleasurable one. It is a simplistic vision, and leaves little to the reader’s imagination, as much of what the novel is focused upon is laid out within their facial expressions. Likely, the illustrations are presented in an obvious way due to being a children’s variation. The large, one-dimensional font, with no adaptation note or press quotations leaves this version with a rather naïve and amateur composition. The front and back covers streamline the novel to be focused around the affiliation between Lizzy and Darcy, not primarily concerning the other family members, previous attempts at marriage, or desire for wealth.

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